Thanks to Those Who Serve

November 21, 2011

This week, as we consider the many things we are thankful for, consider the service and sacrifice by members of our community who are called to be jurors in our civil justice system.  Our system only functions with the willingness of the citizen-juror to sit and listen to facts and render impartial judgment.  Without the willing juror, the system does not work.

Earlier this year, as I participated in the selection of a  jury in what would be a long trial, I listened as the judge spoke to the prospective jurors about the importance of their role and reminded them of the service and sacrifice of others, including our men and women in uniform.  I watched as a prospective juror, who previously had explained the difficulties that jury service would be on her and her family, wiped a tear from her face as she looked away.  As we came back to her, she quietly said she would serve, and did for over five weeks.

These quiet acts of service occur every day in courthouses across this county, living and breathing life into this system, which allows the individual to seek justice and equity under the law.  A heartfelt thank you to all those citizen-jurors who make this system work.      

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