Practice Areas

Obtaining justice for the injured, defrauded, and underpaid

Donahoo & Associates, PC represents Californians in a range of practices areas, including employment and prevailing wage law, financial fraud, business litigation and personal injury.

Employment Law

Donahoo & Associates, PC represents clients in all types of employment law issues including wrongful termination, discrimination, wage and hour claims, violations of the prevailing wage laws,  and sexual harassment.

Prevailing Wage

D&A represents workers involved in public works projects who have not been paid the their proper prevailing wage. These cases stem from misclassification, non-payment of overtime, non-payment of prevailing wage rates, unpaid travel time and other non-compliant wage practices.

Financial Fraud

We represent clients in cases related to Employee Benefits Fraud (including 401(k) plans and ESOPs) and in cases involving PONZI schemes and other financial fraud. Specialties include ESOP fraud, 401(k) fraud, and PONZI schemes.

Business Litigation

With proven experience in complex business litigation we can assist businesses in resolving disputes related to breach of contracts, trade disputes, business torts, construction defects, and insurance bad faith.

Personal Injury

We represent clients suffering catastrophic personal injuries, including brain injuries, wrongful death, loss of limb and serious workplace accidents.

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