Class Actions

We advocate on behalf of employees with class or collective claims

What are class actions

When a large number of consumers or employees have a common complaint, a class or collective action may be the appropriate legal recourse.

Donahoo & Associates, PC are advocating on behalf of workers in several class actions including:

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Class or collective claims

At Donahoo & Associates, PC, we are experienced in helping groups of individuals proceed with class or collective claims. By consulting an attorney at our firm, you can get a thorough understanding of the claim and how the legal process can work on your behalf. Best of all, it does not cost you anything to work with an Orange County class action lawyer at Donahoo & Associates, PC. We will seek our legal fees from the settlement or trial judgment we recover upon successful completion of your case – meaning the responsible party will pay for our services, not you.

Prevailing wage class actions

In addition to our class action lawsuits Donahoo & Associates, PC are the leading Prevailing Wage Attorneys in the State of California. Attorney Donahoo has been involved and successfully litigated Prevailing Wage matters for individuals, multi-parties and large classes for over 10 years with outstanding results.

Consumer and employment class actions

A class action lawsuit may apply to a number of situations, and an experienced lawyer at our firm can help you with any of the following in California:

  • Claims against an employer for nonpayment of wages
  • Claims against an employer for employment discrimination
  • Injuries or damages due to a defective product
  • Claims for defective construction
  • Claims against a company for unfair competition

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