Wrongful Termination

Holding your former employer accountable for violating your rights

What is wrongful termination?

For most people, steady employment is a necessity of life. Stable employment provides financial security and a basis for raising a family and sending children to college. Unfortunately, people are frequently terminated for unlawful reasons. While employers generally have the right to terminate employees, a termination may be a 'wrongful termination' for which the employer is liable for damages.

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The definition of wrongful termination is broad, and a wrongful termination may be found under a variety of facts.

Generally, California law follows the 'at-will' employment doctrine. Under this doctrine, an employer may terminate or demote an at-will employee with or without just cause. It also means you can quit for any reason at all.

Wrongful termination under the law

To be considered a 'wrongful termination' under the law, the termination must violate some fundamental public policy. Termination must violate a statute, regulation, or constitutional provision.

Here are a few examples of wrongful termination:

  • An employer directs a worker to violate a law or regulation. The employer cannot legally fire the employee for refusing to break the law.
  • An employee is terminated because the employee complains about what he or she reasonably perceives as a violation of law, such as a failure to pay overtime, failure to provide lunch breaks, failure to provide family or medical leave, late-payment of salary or wages, or workplace safety issues.
  • An employee is fired in retaliation for being a 'whistle blower' is an actionable claim for wrongful termination.
  • An employee is fired based on some form of discrimination such as race, religion, age, sex, disability, sexual orientation or national origin.

Were you wrongfully terminated from your job?

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