Wrongful Termination

Thanks to Those Who Serve

Nov 21, 2011

This week, as we consider the many things we are thankful for, consider the service and sacrifice by members of our community who are called to be jurors in our civil justice system. Our system only functions with the willingness of the citizen-juror to sit and listen to facts and render impartial judgment. Without the willing juror, the system does not work.

Were you wrongfully terminated?

Nov 7, 2011

Wrongful termination is a popular topic when so many workers are losing their jobs, forced to look for new work and having to change careers. Under “at-will” employment laws, it is within the rights of both the employee and employer to terminate employment at any time without cause. However, there are exceptions to these employment laws and if your termination violated one of these exceptions the termination may be “wrongful” and compensable under the law.

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