About Us

Dedicated to justice and successful results for clients

At Donahoo & Associates, PC, we work hard to achieve justice for our clients. Founded in 1998 by Richard E. Donahoo, the firm is dedicated to its clients and has a proven track record in several practice areas. Our attorneys have experience in employment law, workplace discrimination, personal injury, financial fraud and more.

Located in Tustin, California the firm represents clients throughout California in State and Federal Courts. Donahoo & Associates, PC is recognized for its individualized approach to the client’s interests and in pursuing the most appropriate remedy.

Donahoo & Associates, PC has represented clients through trial and appeals in employment, financial fraud, personal injury and other types of litigation. We have gained a national reputation for our work on behalf of workers in the public sector and in efforts to maintain fair contracting on public works.

We have a long history of successful outcomes and satisfied clients. We have gained our reputation by being focused and aggressive and by frequently pursuing justice at trial or through the appellate courts.

We review every potential case. An attorney and our case management team will provide a free case evaluation to determine if our skills at Donahoo & Associates, PC are the right match to help you pursue justice. We carefully manage all cases that go forward to ensure everything in each case proceeds properly and efficiently. Our team works closely with you to ensure you have the information you need and your questions are always answered in a timely manner. William Donahoo handles firm management and administration for Donahoo & Associates, PC.

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