Breach of Contract

Contracts, binding agreements and bargained-for exchanges all represent an agreement where one or more parties agree to honor and perform actions in accordance to respective terms and conditions.

When one or more of the parties does not perform according to the terms and conditions of the contract or agreement a “breach” occurs.

There are many remedies a party can take in the event of a breach including mediation, arbitration and retaining an attorney to take formal and aggressive legal action in court.

Donahoo & Associates, PC is experienced in all facets of breach of contract issues and has successfully litigated and resolved business disputes between individuals as well as businesses of all sizes including small local establishments and large multinational corporations.

Injunctions as a Judicial Remedy

Resolving a breach of contract can include insisting on corrective action where the breaching party stops or changes the behavior that is not in accordance with the original terms and conditions of the contract.  Resolution can and often also includes the recovery of monetary damages that help the non-offending party recover from the breach.

Donahoo & Associates, PC takes breach of contract issues seriously and acts quickly to avoid prolonged damages and excessive costs. While seeking an alternative dispute resolution method can resolve breach of contract issues and is often a recommended course of action, Donahoo & Associates, PC will proceed to trial when required and has the experience and know-how to successfully represent their clients.

If you are involved in a contract dispute and are unsure of what approach you should take, contact an attorney at Donahoo & Associates, PC for an experienced legal perspective of your options and how best to handle your unique contract issues.