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Extensive California Prevailing Wage Track Record

When there are limited government projects to go around in California, contractors often do everything they can to present the least expensive bid and obtain the public works contract. However, it is illegal for contractors on public works to pay their workers less than the required minimum wage.

Unfortunately, many contractors do not pay attention to California's Prevailing Wage laws, and innocent workers are paid less than they deserve.

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Success in Prevailing Wage Cases

Donahoo & Associates, PC has extensive experience fighting for workers who were not paid properly under the California's Prevailing Wage laws. If the company you work for violated wage and hour laws, we will do everything we can to help you get the compensation you need.

Wage and Hour Class Action - $ 12 Million

Donahoo & Associates, PC recovered $12 million in the settlement of a wage and hour class action on behalf of truck drivers and other California employees. The Los Angeles Superior Court granted final approval of the class action settlement, which was reached after submission of hundred of declarations and depositions taken throughout California.

Non-Payment of Prevailing Wages - $ 400,000

Donahoo & Associates, PC completed litigation on behalf of two former employees of a contractor employed on a public works project at Los Angeles International Airport. The employees alleged they were misclassified and that the employer failed to pay the required wages on the project.

Non-Payment of Prevailing Wages - $550,000

Donahoo & Associates, PC recovered $550,000 for a group of carpenters employed on a City of Los Angeles Housing project in Wilmington, California. The contractor allegedly failed to pay wages and overtime to the workers and allegedly falsified payroll records to conceal the wrongful conduct. Donahoo & Associates, PC obtained evidence to prove the non-payment and falsification.

Non-payment of Prevailing Wages - $6 Million Settlement During Trial

Donahoo & Associates, PC recovered $6 million on behalf of over 600 construction workers who worked on a California public works project in Adelanto, California. Richard E. Donahoo represented plaintiffs in a three month class action trial in Victorville, California. The suit involved the construction of a prison built on behalf of the California Department of Corrections. On appeal, Donahoo and Associates, PC successfully defended the trial court's ruling granting class certification.

Non-payment of Prevailing Wages - $4.1 Million Settlement

Donahoo & Associates recovered $4.1 million for 46 employees who worked for a public works contractor and were not paid their required compensation. The case was the result of litigation against two bonding companies who guaranteed payment on public works projects. The employees were employed by a company specializing in the construction and installation of modular buildings in California.

Non-payment of Prevailing Wages - $2 Million After Trial

Donahoo & Associates, PC recovered $2 million on behalf of 33 electricians who worked on a California schools project in Los Angeles Unified School District. Richard E. Donahoo represented plaintiffs in a five-month trial in Los Angeles, California and obtained a successful jury verdict.

Non-payment of Prevailing Wages - $900,000 Settlement

In 2008, the Los Angeles Superior Court approved a settlement of $900,000 to pay workers who performed work on City of Pasadena project and were not paid prevailing wages. The plaintiffs' employer claimed a legal exemption from the pay requirements. Donahoo & Associates, PC challenged the employer's arguments and won a ruling in plaintiffs' favor.

Non-payment of Prevailing Wages - $815,480 Settlement

Donahoo and Associates, PC successfully concluded a case on behalf of Operating Engineers who worked on an Orange County Water Well Drilling project. The workers recovered $815,480 from the contractor for non-payment of prevailing wages. The class action settlement was approved by the Orange County Superior Court.

Non-payment of Prevailing Wages - $350,000

Donahoo and Associates, PC completed an employment case on behalf of four individuals against their employer and insurance companies for violations of the California Labor Code. At the Court of Appeals, Donahoo and Associates, PC successfully reversed a trial court ruling that had dismissed the case. The appellate victory by Donahoo and Associates, PC was upheld by the California Supreme Court and later by the United States Supreme Court. Plaintiffs recovered $350,000 in a settlement with the employer and insurers.

Non-payment of Prevailing Wages - $250,000 Settlement

Donahoo and Associates, PC recovered $250,000 on behalf of six landscape workers who were not paid prevailing wages on public landscaping projects in Southern California. The workers claimed they were misclassified in lower classifications and were not paid the correct rate for all hours worked. The case settled after Donahoo and Associates, PC uncovered falsified payroll records.

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