California Prevailing Wage

California prevailing wage law sets proper pay and fringe benefits for construction projects paid for in full or in part by government funds. The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) publishes prevailing wage determinations twice each year. These determinations set California prevailing wage rates that must be paid.

Have you wondered:

  • Is it legal for my coworker to be paid more for the same job duties on prevailing wage projects?
  • How do i find out if I’m paid less than prevailing wage?
  • What do I do to force my employer to pay the proper wage in California?
  • When do I qualify for overtime on prevailing wage required public works projects?
  • Should I be paid for time changing into and out of uniform as part of prevailing wage?

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Record Your Hours in a Prevailing Wage Calendar

A calendar record of your hours can help with prevailing wage claimsKeep a record of your daily work times. Many prevailing wage claims benefit from this personal record of daily hours and work performed. Be sure to include any travel time, meal and rest breaks, hours worked, and work performed so it is easier to calculate overall compensation. Get our pocket diary for an easy way to record your work data.

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