United Storm Water Lawsuit

Donahoo & Associates, PC has filed a lawsuit on behalf of USW workers employed any time between September 12, 2012 and present on projects throughout California.

The workers allege in the lawsuit that USW failed to pay for all hours worked including yard time prior to their leaving the yard and travel time to storm drain projects at the rates required by California’s Prevailing Wage Law (Labor Code §1770, et. seq.) The lawsuit also alleges that the correct prevailing wage rates were not paid to the workers for all of the hours they worked on Public Works projects.

In addition to the wage violations alleged in the lawsuit, the lawsuit claims that USW did not always provide the proper meal and rest breaks and therefore the workers are entitled to premium wages for missed or untimely provided meal and rest breaks under California Labor Code §226.7.

The lawsuit also seeks to recover penalties and interest on behalf of the workers for USW’s violation of various California Labor Codes including but not limited to waiting time penalties under Labor Code §203 and §203.5 and providing incomplete itemized wage statements under Labor Code §226(a).

The Court has not yet determined if the case will be certified to proceed as a class action, or if workers have to file individual claims for compensation.

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Our purpose is to educate current and former workers of the claims that are alleged in the lawsuit and request that they contact our office confidentially to provide us with details of their experience while working at USW and if they experienced any of the allegations mentioned above.

All communications with Donahoo & Associates, PC are considered private and confidential.

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