Prevailing Wage Overtime

Understanding prevailing wage overtime rules

Prevailing wage overtime rules can be complex. Contractors are required to pay the proper prevailing wage rates on public works projects, including overtime. Here are a few example rules related to overtime:

  • All work over 8 hours per day earns time and a half the base rate
  • All work over 40 hours per week earns time and a half
  • All work over 12 hours per day earns double time
  • Weekends and qualifying holidays require overtime for all hours worked
  • Shift differentials may apply

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Record your hours on prevailing wage jobs

It is extremely important to keep a record of your daily work times. Many prevailing wage claims benefit from this personal record of daily hours and work performed. Be sure to include any travel time, meal and rest breaks, hours worked, and work performed so it is easier to calculate overall compensation. Get our trial-tested tips on the best ways to record your hours.

Make sure you are being paid correctly for your overtime hours

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