Prevailing Wage Coverage Extends to Traffic Light Camera Installation Projects

July 31, 2014

Last updated on November 17, 2023

Work covered by California’s Prevailing Wage Law includes installation of traffic light cameras.   A recent article about red light light cameras highlights a prevailing wage issue that may not be commonly understood. Projects paid in full or in part with public funds require payment of prevailing wage rates, which are state-determined wage rates.  The prevailing wage requirement extends to all public works projects over $1,000 even if the project is subcontracted.  The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) sets the prevailing wage rate, which is the minimum rate that the employees can be paid for work on the project.

If you have worked on a red light camera installation project or other public work project and were not paid the full prevailing wage, you could be owed wages, as well as penalties and interest for the unpaid wages.  You have the right to recover all damages owed.  Contact Donahoo & Associates, PC for a free consultation.  We will evaluate your case and advise you in the protection of your rights under the California Labor Code.

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