Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse hides in the shadows

Sexual Abuse Hides in the Dark

Sexual abuse is an insidious crime. It preys on innocence and robs survivors of trust. It shames them into silence. Sexual abuse often goes unreported. It remains in the dark to strike again.

Often,  abusers are authority figures. They may be respected members of the community. They use this power to keep survivors silent for fear of greater shame.

The burden of silence is heavy. Most survivors bear emotional scars that affect relationships at home and work.

Lighten your burden. Force your abuser into the light. We can help.

Shine a Light on Sex Abuse

You are not alone. Millions of others have walked in your shoes.

Sexual abuse is particularly heinous because of its long-term effect on everyday life. Forty percent of survivors have trouble at work or school. 37% have problems with family and friends.

The best way to stop the darkness is by shining a light. We can help you step out of the shadows. Our legal team can help.

Sexual Abuse is Never OK

Many cases go unreported for years. Abusers often rely on their power position to keep their crime in the dark. Sexual abuse statistics are appalling.

Abusers use fear and shame as weapons. These emotions are very powerful. Much as survivors may want to move on, they cannot forget the betrayal.

Regain your power and obtain some measure of peace. We can help you seek compensation for the harm you suffered. End the silence and begin to heal.

Justice for Sexual Abuse Survivors

We are committed to helping survivors receive compensation and vindication. Our attorneys can help you take action against your abuser or the institution that provided protection. We have extensive experience with personal injury law. We have a strong trial record.

Take the next step in your journey out of the darkness. Contact the attorneys at Donahoo & Associates, PC for a confidential review of your case.