Off-the-Clock and Overtime Pay at Issue in Red Light Camera Company Lawsuit

January 5, 2017

red light camera worker

California employees are protected against off-the-clock work and must receive overtime pay for longer hours in accordance with California prevailing wage law. When violations of that law occur, companies are at risk for fines and civil litigation.

A red light camera company is currently in the midst of a lawsuit involving prevailing wage violation. The plaintiff alleges that he was shortchanged by American Traffic Solutions (ATS) when he worked for them as an electrician.

Plaintiff attorney Richard E. Donahoo wrote in the complaint that “ATS failed to properly compensate [plaintiff] for working off-the-clock and overtime.” In addition, the plaintiff was not paid the proper underlying ‘prevailing wage’ according to California Labor Code Section 1771. Prevailing wage is required for publicly funded installation work.

The case has been transferred to US District Court for the Central District of California, where the plaintiff is asking for unpaid wages, plus interest and attorney’s fees. ATS lawyers deny that red light camera installations are a ‘public works’ project and therefore are not subject to prevailing wage law.

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