Navarro Cabrera v. Anaheim Arena

Donahoo & Associates represents workers in a proposed class action lawsuit against Anaheim Arena Management, LLC (“AAM”), which operates the Honda Center. The lawsuit was filed by two former employees and the case represents the class of all hourly employees employed at the Honda Center anytime beginning December 5, 2010.

The lawsuit alleges that AAM failed to pay workers for all the time they worked including the time from when they clocked into work to the scheduled start time of their shift, failed to pay overtime properly, failed to pay for missed meal and rest breaks, and violated other serious California labor laws.

AAM strongly denies these allegations but recently announced they had reached a proposed negotiated settlement with attorneys for another employee, Irean Amaro, to settle all wage claims for all hourly employees at the Honda Center. Employees may soon receive a notice regarding this proposed settlement.

If current or former workers would like legal advice with respect to the pending proposed settlement and their individual options for recovery of the wages and penalties that they may be entitled to, please contact Donahoo & Associates, PC. There is no obligation by the workers for the consultation and all discussions will remain confidential.

Workers can reach our attorneys by calling 714-953-1010, using our toll-free number 877-788-5353 or emailing [email protected]. We would be happy to respond in a timely manner.