Navarro Cabrera v. Anaheim Arena

Donahoo & Associates represents workers in a proposed class action lawsuit against Anaheim Arena Management, LLC (“AAM”), which operates the Honda Center “Navarro et al. v Anaheim Arena Management (AAM) et al.”

The lawsuit was filed by two former employees and the case represents the class of all hourly (non-exempt) employees, employed between December 5, 2010 and the present.

Since that time other lawsuits have been filed and there is now a proposed settlement in another competing class action filed by another law firm. The Court has preliminarily approved a settlement that purports to pay only about between $1 and $2 per shift worked, or an average of about $230 per employee.

You may have already received a notice from the court regarding the proposed settlement or will shortly.

It is our belief that proposed settlement does not adequately compensate employees for their lost wages and the damages they are owed from violation of wage laws during their employment with AAM. Employees who are not satisfied with the proposed settlement amount may “opt-out” of the proposed settlement and pursue an individual claim.

Our firm, Donahoo & Associates PC, represents workers that will be opting out of the settlement. If you would like our firm to assist you to “opt-out” of the settlement we must have you sign a legal services agreement. We are representing employees on a contingency basis which means we are only paid if we recover funds on your behalf, but you must complete a Legal Services Agreement with Donahoo & Associates, PC prior to the Opt Out Deadline of March 12, 2019.

We recommend current or former employees who would like to consider their options complete a legal representation agreement and return it to our offices as soon as possible. We can then advise you individually on your options with respect to being part of the proposed settlement or choosing to opt out of the proposed settlement and pursue an individual claim to recover individual damages.

To receive a copy of the legal services agreement, please call our offices. Timing is of the essence. You need to opt-out within 60 days of receiving a formal notice from the administrator which has already been sent (the opt out date is March 12, 2019). It is important to execute the legal services agreement if you would like to be individually represented, so you need to please send the form in as soon as possible.

Workers can reach our attorneys by calling 714-953-1010, using our toll-free number 877-788-5353 or emailing [email protected]. We would be happy to respond in a timely manner.

This action does not concern any employees or payroll practices of Honda or Honda Motor. All allegations are directed against Anaheim Arena Management, LLC.