Helix Lawsuit

This employment case is brought on behalf of approximately 285 Helix Electric, Inc. (“Helix”) workers employed on a public works project in Stockton, California known as California Health Care Facility (“CHCF”) Stockton Prison (“the Stockton Project”) in 2012 and 2013. helix-electric-complaint.

The workers allege that on the Stockton Project, Helix had a policy that required its workers to commence work before their scheduled start time and to continue to work after the scheduled end time and that Helix failed to pay the workers for all hours worked on the project at the rates required by California’s Prevailing Wage Law (Labor Code §1770, et. seq.).

The workers allege Helix’s policies resulted in a practice of not paying its hourly employees for all hours worked on the Stockton Prison project, not paying compensation for second meal periods, and not providing accurate itemized wage statements, which are violations of various California Labor Codes.

The Court recently granted our motion to certify this case as a certified class action on behalf of all Helix hourly workers who worked on the Stockton Prison project between November  12, 2012 and the present. The court’s certification means that the case will proceed on behalf of all of the workers unless an individual “opts out” of the case.

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