Court Certifies Class Action Against Helix Electric, Inc. for Unlawful Business Practices, including Non-Payment of Prevailing Wages on a Public Works Project

January 24, 2020

Last updated on May 18, 2023

Multimeter In Hands Of Electrician

In December 2019, the California Superior Court certified a class action brought on behalf of more than 200 workers employed by Helix Electric, Inc. on the Stockton Prison Project, a public works project. The workers allege that Helix engaged in unlawful business practices by failing to pay for all hours worked, failing to pay all required prevailing wages, and by failing to provide meal and rest break periods according to California law.

Without ruling on the merits, the court found that the class action meets the required elements for certification, including typicality, commonality, and adequacy of representation.

The class is defined as all Helix Electric hourly employees who worked on the Stockton Prison Project between November 22, 2012 and present.

The case will proceed as a class action to determine the merits of the case and, if successful, the amount of restitution owed to workers.
Helix Electric is an electrical contractor specializing in design-build and highly complex electrical projects across the United States. Helix Electric was represented by Sheppard, Mullin, Richter, & Hampton, LLP.

The workers are represented by Richard E. Donahoo and Sarah L. Kokonas of Donahoo & Associates, PC in Tustin, California.

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