California Prevailing Wage and Minimum Wage Rights

January 7, 2019

Last updated on November 17, 2023


California Prevailing Wage must meet or exceed Minimum Wage

On January 3, 2019 the Director of the California Department of Industrial Relations noted that effective January 1, 2019 any employers paying prevailing wage determinations that fall below the California minimum wage are required to pay at least the California minimum wage for the basic hourly rate in all cases where the published prevailing wage rate is below the California minimum wage. In addition to the minimum wages, the employer must also satisfy that all employer payments required by these determinations are also paid.

The current minimum wage in California is $12.00 effective January 1, 2019.

Workers who are not sure they are paid the proper prevailing wages on California Public Works projects can contact Donahoo & Associates, PC for a free, confidential consultation. Workers who are not sure of the proper applicable prevailing wage rate for their current classification and County, can receive a free, confidential consultation to determine their rights and how to enforce them if necessary.

Read the important notice “To Awarding Bodies and Interested Parties Regarding the Prevailing Wage Rates Below the California Minimum Wage“.

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