MetLife, Corporate Liability and Ponzi Schemes

An article in this week’s New York Times summarizes the issues raised in an ongoing lawsuit against MetLife and two of its subsidiaries. The case involves a defunct real estate fund, Diversified Lending Group, run by Bruce Friedman, that offered a high guaranteed rate of return to its investors. The suit alleges DLG was introduced ... Read More


Employee Misclassification – When is it Wage Theft?

Employee misclassification continues to cost workers their lawful wages. They may not receive their on-the-job benefits and are shorted earned wages. When employers intentionally misclassify workers it is considered wage theft. Employee Misclassification: Independent Contractor One way workers are misclassified is when they are improperly designated an Independent Contractor. They are paid a flat rate ... Read More

Class Action

Orange County Company Charged with Prevailing Wage Fraud

The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) and the Orange County District Attorney announced that they have charged an Orange County company with multiple felony counts of failing to pay employees prevailing wages on public works contracts, tax fraud, and insurance fraud. Businesses that fail to pay prevailing wages are subject to criminal prosecution as well ... Read More


New Piece-Rate Law Toughens Rest & Recovery Compensation Rules in California

Employees are entitled to rest and recovery breaks according to California Labor Law. A new law effective January 1, 2016 has clarified the rules for calculating compensation and how workers are to be paid for rest, recovery and other non-productive time. Employers are required to be retroactively compliant to July 1, 2012, and must notify ... Read More

california's prevailing wage law

California Charter Cities Must Pay Prevailing Wages on State-Funded Public Works Projects

The State of California won an important appeal this week that affirms a lower court ruling regarding public works projects in charter cities. By state law, reimbursements from the state to charter cities are conditioned on local governments requiring contractors to pay prevailing wages. The appeal from certain charter cities claimed that the law interferes ... Read More