Thousands Won Judgments But Were Never Paid

A new report from the UCLA Labor
Center provides startling evidence of problems in collecting back pay and labor
law penalties. According to a Los Angeles Times article (June 27), the study
titled “Hollow Victories: The Crisis in Collecting Unpaid Wages for
California’s Workers” found that:


  • Only 17% of court-ordered claims for back pay and labor law penalties were collected from 2008 to 2011
  • Just 42% ($165 million) was recovered after being verified by government regulators
  • Companies representing 60% of unpaid-wage
    judgments legally vanished

A key problem cited by the article
is one we see quite often. Lowest bidders ‘get the contract’, encouraging
irresponsible businesses to break state wage and hour laws. These businesses
prey on low-wage earners, who often do not know their rights and may be
intimidated by their employers.


We support legislation to improve
the ability to collect from irresponsible businesses. We advocate on behalf of
individuals and groups that have not received their appropriate compensation.


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