Loss of Limb

In the tragic event that as a result of an injury or accident a person is so seriously injured that they were to lose a limb – a leg, an arm, a foot or a hand – their life changes forever.  They experience grief, decreased self-esteem and the hardships associated with learning to cope with a permanent disability.

Amputee Injury Loss of Limb

Often amputees go through a series of physical and emotional stages of recovery when dealing with the loss of a limb.  Often this experience is compounded by related injuries and the memory of the serious accident or work-related injury that may have caused the amputation.  Often obtaining acute orthopedic rehabilitation is the first priority.

Donahoo & Associate, PCs understands this type of tragedy and the road to recovery.  Having successfully represented clients who have experienced an unexpected amputation injury, Donahoo & Associates knows the ups and downs of the road to recovery for a newly-disabled person to return to a life where daily tasks, transportation and functions are forever redefined.

Benefit from the Experience of Donahoo & Associates, PC

Guiding the client to the best recovery is the goal and focus of Donahoo & Associates, PC. Identifying the liability, achieving the necessary financial support and assisting in mapping out a future life plan all benefit from the wisdom and experience Donahoo & Associates, PC has provided to clients as Southern California Personal Injury lawyers.

In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one have been the victim of an Amputation or Loss of Limb, contact Donahoo & Associates today for help to begin your recovery and reclaim your life.

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