Accidentes en Área de Trabajo

Construction work can be dangerous.  Workers are frequently exposed to hard, physically demanding work in harsh locations and weather conditions. Safety procedures and best practices must be a priority to ensure workers are safe and protected while they do their jobs.

Often, however, when the pressure to complete projects on time and under budget combines with heavy materials and automated equipment the risk of accidents increases and people get hurt.

Where To Turn After a Construction Accident

Contractors have a duty and responsibility to keep workers and others safe and working conditions free from hazards that cause serious accidents.

Donahoo & Associates has represented hundreds of workers in the construction industry in employment and personal injury matters. Our experience and proven litigation track record gives construction site accident victims the expertise to navigate the legal issues arising from a serious accident or injury.

Often, the most important decisions are made immediately following an accident.  Cases may involve the need for immediate documentation of facts that will be necessary to fully investigate the cause of the accident or construction injury.

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If you have been involved in a construction site accident or sustained a serious injury, Donahoo & Associates can help you recover and get back to work.

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