Violación al Salario Vigente

Working on a Public Works Project?

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Donahoo & Associates has successfully represented thousands of construction workers not paid their minimum required wages on California public works projects. We have a deep understanding of California’s Prevailing Wage Law. We are committed to fighting for the minimum required pay our clients deserve. We vigorously represent our clients in cases of prevailing wage violation.

Prevailing Wage Law

The hard work of Laborers, Carpenters, Operators, Electricians and construction workers of all trades contributes to the quality and success of California’s public works projects. Each deserves to be paid the minimum legally required wages for his or her work. In fact, California’s Prevailing Wage Law makes it illegal for employers to pay these workers less than the rate set by the State of California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) for their specific type of work.

Sometimes individual workers are paid less than the prevailing wage. Other times entire groups, or classes, of workers are cheated out of fair payment. Whether you were wronged individually or you believe that you are one of many others who have suffered the same injustice, we have the experience and resources you need on your side in Prevailing Wage disputes.

Prevailing Wage Violation Experts

Our founding attorney Richard E. Donahoo is recognized throughout the California legal community for his commitment to clients and his success in prevailing wage cases. Every year since 2007, Mr. Donahoo has been recognized as a Top 100 California Trial Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers. Recently, Mr. Donahoo was named a Southern California SuperLawyer for the fifth year in a row (2009-2013).

Our firm is dedicated to fighting for our clients’ rights in negotiation and in the courtroom. We have represented thousands of workers who were not paid fairly for their work on public works projects in California. Our track record reflects the millions of dollars of damages we have recovered for our clients.