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  • Muerte Injusta

    Donahoo & Associates represented a family of a construction laborer ... Read More
  • Disputas Empleo

    In 2008 Donahoo and Associates completed an employment case on ... Read More
  • Catastróficas Lesiones Personales

    In 2006 Donahoo and Associates represented a woman who suffered ... Read More
  • Áreas del Derecho que Practicamos

  • Our attorneys can help you with the litigation you, your family or your business requires.

    Donahoo & Associates, PC has a reputation for successfully representing clients in complex litigation involving employment law, prevailing wage, personal injury, financial fraud, business disputes and other legal actions.

    We are attorneys known for obtaining justice and fair compensation for clients in individual cases, multi-party cases and class actions. We often collaborate with other law firms to collectively pursue cases on behalf of large groups of people with similar claims.

    We routinely takes on large corporations and private entities, holding them accountable for wrongdoing. We have a sophisticated litigation practice, assisting clients through trial and appeals when necessary.

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